Gostai Jazz Telepresence Robot Unveiled

December 22, 2010 | Source: IEEE Spectrum

Jazz Connect (Gostai)

French robotics company Gostai has unveiled a mobile robot called Jazz Connect, designed for “telepresence and telesurveillance.”

The waist-high robot, which a user can remote-control using a web-based interface, rolls on two wheels and has a head that can move in any direction, with a camera on its forehead. The price starts at 7900 euros.

A web-based remote control interface allows for driving the robot just by clicking with the mouse anywhere on the video feed.

The Anybots QB and the Willow Garage Texai are similar products.

In terms of limitations, the robot is short — only 1 meter tall — and lacks a LCD screen to allow people interacting with the robot to see the face of the remote operator.