How the BRAIN intiative will support national security

April 12, 2013

(Credit: DARPA)

As part of the new BRAIN research initiative, DARPA plans $50 million in 2014 investments to increase understanding of brain function and create new capabilities.

DARPA plans to explore two key areas to elicit further understanding of the brain. New tools are needed to measure and analyze electrical signals and the biomolecular dynamics underpinning brain function. Researchers will also explore, abstract and model the vast spectrum of brain functions by examining its incredible complexity.

DARPA’s planned investment includes new programs to address the brain’s dynamics to drive applications (Revolutionizing ProstheticsRestorative Encoding Memory Integration Neural DeviceReorganization and Plasticity to Accelerate Injury RecoveryEnabling Stress Resistance), manufacture sensing systems for neuroscience applications (Reliable Neutral Interface TechnologyBlast Gauge), and analyze large data sets (Detection and Computational Analysis of Psychological Signals).