In Denmark, a printable house

May 7, 2012 | Source: Smart Planet

(Credit: Eentileen’s Print a House project)

Danish architects Frederik Agdrup and Nicholas Bjorndal of Eentileen used just a computer, a “printer” — actually, a  computer numerical control (CNC) machine — and 820 sheets of plywood to build a 125 square meter (1,345 square foot) home in four weeks.

Named Villa Asserbo, the home is the pilot project of Eentileen’s Print a House project. The designers are touting the process of mass-customizing houses and responsibly producing them on site.

Eentileen’s Print a House process begins as a 3D model which is translated into a manufacturing template and sent to the CNC machine that then cuts sheets of plywood into pieces that can be slotted and fitted together.

The architects developed their method to maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and reduce construction errors in the building process. Agdrup and Bjorndal say that their Print a House method allows a house to be built by two people without heavy machinery.