International Longevity & Cryopreservation Summit

January 31, 2017

Spain will host the first International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit during May 26-30, 2017. Fundacion VidaPlus will be the main organizer of this world congress, with the help of other leading associations and organizations working on longevity, indefinite lifespans, cryopreservation, and other biomedical areas.

Longevity extension has been one of the dreams of humanity since the beginning of recorded history, when average lifespan was merely 20 years. Even starting the 20th Century average lifespans were just about 40 years in the first industrial nations, and starting the 21st Century average lifespans have doubled again to around 80 years in the most advanced countries. The possibility of doubling again lifespans is increasing rapidly again thanks to exponential technologies and new medical research and development. On a parallel front, cryopreservation has also advanced considerably since the first spermatozoids were frozen and successfully reanimated about half a century ago. Then followed eggs, embryos, many tissues and complete organs, in different kinds of animals, including some small mammalians. What will the future bring? Science and technology should lead the way!

Longevity Cryopreservation Summitsummit English – Version 10-5-2017

Several institutions have been advancing research on longevity extension, from governments to private companies. Institutions like the Life Extension Foundation and the SENS Research Foundation, to name just two, have been pioneers in promoting investigations and applications on human longevity extension. Additionally, the two major US cryopreservation institutions, Alcor Life Extension Foundation and Cryonics Institute, have been holding successful regular meetings for their members and other insterested audiences during the last four decades. In Europe, there was an initial regional meeting in Goslar (Germany) in 2010, followed by Dresden (Germany) in 2014, Utrecht (Netherlands) in 2015, and then Basel (Switzerland) in 2016. KrioRus has also been promoting cryopreservationin Russia and other countries.

Now we are planning to host in Spain the first International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit open to people from all continents, with participants coming from the United States to the United Kingdom, from Argentina to Australia, from Africa to China, from Russia to Venezuela. The topics considered will be very broad, ranging from recent medical advances to human cryopreservation.

Spain will become the meeting point for this first International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit, where the different groups from around the world will gather to connect and closely work together. The first part of the May events will be the international academic congress in English during May 26-27-28 in Madrid, followed by national events in Spanish on May 29 in Seville, and May 31 in Barcelona. The objective is to combine the international reunions with local audiences and to help promote longevity and cryopreservation research and development in Spain. In partnership with pioneering sponsors like, we will do our best in scientific dissemination to make society aware of the new economy and opportunities coming with Life Extension and Longevity advances.

Abstracts from participants are welcome for posters, papers and oral presentations until March 1, 2017. People interested in participating should go to our website ( and follow submission instructions. Organizations interested in sponsoring our summit, and other media and institutional partners and allies should also contact the organizing committe through our website.

This year, 2017, will be a very important year for organ transplants and cryopreservation, since we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first heart transplant and also the 50th anniversary of the first full human cryopreservation. Major leading associations working on longevity, indefinite lifespans, cryopreservation, and other biomedical areas will be present in Madrid (May 26-27-28), Seville (May 29), and Barcelona (May 30).

Fundacion VidaPlus, our sponsors and partners welcome you all to sunny Spain next May for the warmest cryopreservation meeting in history. Come and enjoy life extension in a country that never sleeps!

Organizing Committee

  • Conference Chair: JosĂ© Luis Cordeiro, MBA, PhD
  • Organizing Institution: Fundacion VidaPlus

Scientific/Academic Committee

  • President: Javier Cabo, MD, PhD, Universidad Internacional de Andalucia
  • Felipe Debasa, PhD, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Rodolfo Goya, PhD, Universidad Nacional de La Plata
  • Aubrey de Grey, PhD, University of Cambridge
  • Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, PhD, University of Liverpool
  • Ralph Merkle, PhD, Stanford University
  • Max More, PhD, University of Southern California
  • Ramon Risco, PhD, Universidad de Sevilla
  • Anders Sandberg, PhD, University of Oxford
  • Natasha Vita-More, PhD, University of Advancing Technology
  • Javier Wrana, PhD, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Technical/Administrative Committee

  • Felix Capell, BlueSwiss Capital
  • Noel Garcia Medel, PhD, Innovative Health Group
  • Txetxu Mazuelas, VidaPlus Celulas Madres
  • Carlos Rodriguez Sau, Expert in Technology and Cyberlaw
  • Alejandro Sacristan, Vector001

Madrid Committee

  • Luis Gonzalez-Blanch, Singularity University, Madrid Chapter
  • Gonzalo Ruiz, Civeta Investment

Seville Committee

  • Luis Rey Goni, Singularity University, Seville Chapter
  • Manuel Bellido, Grupo Informaria

Barcelona Committee

  • Joaquin Serra, Singularity University, Barcelona Chapter
  • Oriol Francas, Marketing Communication

Other Partners and Allies

  • HumanityPlus
  • Life Extension Foundation
  • Lifeboat Foundation
  • Global Healthspan Policy Institute
  • Longevity Reporter
  • Millennium Project
  • Alcor Life Extension Foundation
  • SingularityWebLog
  • London Futurists
  • Sociedad Crionica
  • GiBiomed
  • Dutch Cryonics
  • CryoSuisse
  • KryoFin: Finnish Cryonics Society
  • Cryonics Germany
  • Svenska Kryonikföreningen

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