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letter: with Ray Kurzweil
February 1, 2020

letter The most significant upcoming events in history
year 2020

— letter —

Dear Ryan,

Thanks for your note, it’s a good list. I appreciate your reporting on upcoming discoveries and new capabilities — these will definitely change our planet + civilization.

Wishing you a productive, exciting, and positive 2020 — as humanity takes its first steps into this new era.

Ray Kurzweil

Dear Ray,

Your talks inspired an idea I have for New Year’s: ranking the most significant upcoming events in history — that could happen within the next 1 -to- 5 decades. Human civilization is on the brink of incredible breakthroughs.

Here are some examples for the near-or-far future:

  • becoming multi-planetary through space travel
  • curing old age + all disease with genetic engineering or nano-medicine
  • inventing computer super-intelligence that can think like a human — aka: general artificial intelligence
  • creating artificial intelligence that uses language like a human — aka: pass the Turing test
  • inventing a direct method to transfer thoughts from person-to-person / person-to-device / device-to-person

And here are some of the most-advanced, trending topics today:

digital life:

  • virtual reality / augmented reality
  • crypto-currency + block-chain apps
  • quantum computing
  • 3D printing
  • AI doing things better than people —like self-driving cars, medical radiology, legal research, fraud detection
  • AI doing things people can’t —like processing huge quantities of data quickly

health-care + global society:

  • life extension
  • urban vertical farming
  • new energy solutions with nuclear + solar
  • new types of batteries
  • exploring super-materials like graphene
  • billions of people world-wide getting tele-communications + web access
  • billions of people world-wide getting energy access
  • billions of people world-wide getting health-care access
  • billions of people world-wide getting education access

exploration + travel:

  • putting humans on planet Mars
  • building a sustainable human base on the moon
  • quicker over-seas travel — by space rockets being built • by Space X
  • quicker continental travel — by underground HyperLoop being built • by SpaceX

I thought it would be fun to see stories + video for New Year’s about the new decade — on the topic of the many ways the 2020s will blow our minds.


featurette | watch

group: INSH
series: What If
featurette title: What if you lived 50 years in the future?
watch | featurette

— summary —

It feels like the world is moving at a faster rate than ever. Every day, smart-phones are getting smarter, AI is becoming more intelligent, and our environment seems to be getting worse every year.

If you could travel 50 years into the the future, what would the world look like?

on the web | pages

INSH | home
What If | YouTube channel

tag line: Obscure and not so well-known stories from history, geography, science and culture.

featurettes | watch

group: the B1M
featurette title: watch — HyperLoop explained
featurette title: watch — 10 HyperLoops that will change the world
featurette title: watch — building the first HyperLoop passenger capsule

tag line: The definitive video channel for construction.


on the web | reading

publication: Forbes
story title: These are the technologies that will transform the 2020s
deck: From 5g to vertical farming
read | story

publication: Forbes
story title: Energy’s Future: battery + storage tech
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on the web | reading

publication: the Verge • by Vox Media
story title: This decade in Elon
deck: SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, the Boring Company — and of course that Twitter account
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publication: the Verge • by Vox Media
story title: Elon Musk proposes city-to-city travel by rocket — right here on Earth
deck: Anywhere on Earth in under and hour: Musk says
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tag line: We examine how tech will change life in the future.

on the web | reading

publication: Cosmos • by the Royal Institute of Australia
story title: The HyperLoop alternative to a very fast train
deck: A cheaper, swifter means of mass transit by land is on the horizon
read | story

tag line: The science of everything.

on the web | reading

publication: GigaOm
story title: What is graphene?
deck: Here’s what you need to know about a material that could be the next silicon
read | story

— summary —

Graphene is made of a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. It’s one million times thinner than paper — so thin it’s actually considered 2-dimensional. Carbon is an incredibly versatile element.


— notes—

AI = artificial intelligence
VR + AR = virtual reality + augmented reality

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