Masters of the Exponential Age: An immersive leadership development experience

August 15, 2016

Masters of the Exponential Age is an interactive, ‘live’ learning programme that will give professionals the opportunity to leave the day-job behind and take a bold step into the future – to imagine, discuss, and take action in a world where today’s techno-fantasies are taken for granted, where the 20th century nation-state has been shaken to the core by a maelstrom of diverging interests, and where the age of hyper-personalised medicine has transformed global demographics.

Masters of the Exponential Age is a two-day open enrolment programme that will launch at Cass Business School on 9-10 November 2016. But at this two-hour showcase session on Saturday 5 November, London Futurists will get an insight direct from the programme leaders, Warrick Harniess and Patrick Romano, into the exponential age presentations and activities that the full programme offers.

These activities include:

  • A methodology for building an industry-specific framework to guide futures analysis
  • A diagnostic tool that helps people determine their preferred modes of futures thinking
  • An exploration of the psychological biases that can cloud forecasting judgement
  • Principles that companies should follow to futureproof their sources of competitive advantage
  • A toolkit for creating storylines that communicate a compelling exponential age strategic vision.

Note: this event has not been announced yet, and this text is subject to change.

About the presenters:

Warrick Harniess is a creative business leader with a range of strategic, entrepreneurial and coaching/mentoring experience in corporate, small business and academic contexts.

Warrick established and ran two pioneering direct-to-consumer ventures at Pearson Education, building creative and operational teams and a network of partners and suppliers in the process. Warrick then led a global business transformation programme, running workshops with senior leaders to confront communication and process design challenges in a constructive and engaging way.

Following this, Warrick founded a learning and development consultancy, teaching enterprise development and entrepreneurship skills via immersive learning programmes. His clients include Pearson Education, Grant Thornton, the Universities of Surrey, Manchester, Essex, Sussex, London Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, Greenwich, Westminster, Aston, Coventry, Liverpool, and Hertfordshire, as well as a variety of start-ups and SMEs.

Patrick Romano, PhD, is an independent consultant who works with a broad range of organisations, from early stage start ups looking to form their first viable businesses to large organisations looking to scale up and enhance their performance through both strategic and organisational development support.  Patrick leverages his invaluable experience gained from managing, coaching and mentoring a very broad range of employees to help developing individuals, teams and organisations to perform beyond their potential as leaders.

Previous to this Patrick helped to build a life science strategy consultancy, from 10 to 100 employees between 2007 and 2015. As head of the European office and core member of the Senior Management Team, Patrick was central to instilling core leadership principles to the organisation whilst heading up the London team from 3 to 30 consultants, developing many future leaders who have gone on to take up very senior roles in the world’s foremost pharmaceutical companies.

Event hashtag: #LonFut

—Event Producer