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Flippy the intelligent cooking assistant.
October 1, 2018

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Miso Robotics co. creates automated technology that assists + empowers chefs to make food consistently and perfectly — plus at prices everyone can afford. Set of videos below illustrates Flippy’s surprising capabilities, a view of the future in action.

about | Flippy

Flippy is the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant that can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills over time. Flippy is portable, collaborative, adaptable + designed for working kitchens. Flippy is designed to operate in an existing commercial kitchen layout and serve along with kitchen staff to safely and efficiently complete cooking tasks.

  • cooks perfectly and consistently every time
  • automatic spatula switching + grill cleaning
  • recognizes + monitors items on the grill
  • safety compliant with OSHA
  • works collaboratively with kitchen staff
  • fully wash-down compatible
  • 150 — 300 hamburger patties per hour, depending on kitchen staff
  • can be used in any commercial kitchen
  • cloud based monitoring + learning
  • reliable food-safe robot
  • 100,000 hour of continuous up-time

safety sensors | Flippy has OSHA compliant laser sensors, so staff collaborate safely.
vision | Flippy has 3D + thermal scanners for eyes.
artificial intelligence | Flippy has cloud connected, artificial intelligence software for a brain called Miso AI.
point-of-sale + kitchen | orders are integrated with point-of-sale and Flippy.
better dining | more customers served faster with consistency and fresher, tasty food.
efficient | less waste from errors.

* OSHA is the Occupational Safety + Health Administration, under the US Department of Labor

image | above
Portrait of chef with Flippy the robotic kitchen assistant flipping burger patties.

photo: Miso Robotics co.

about | Miso AI

Miso AI is a cooking artificial intelligence software that assists with grilling, frying, prepping, plating. The Flippy robotic arm is operated with specially designed software that is smart — and capable of handling orders and movement in real-time.

The Miso AI software combines 3D, thermal and regular vision to automatically detect when raw burger patties are placed on the grill — and monitors each patty in real-time throughout the cooking process. As the patties cook, Miso AI displays the cooking time on a screen that also alerts kitchen staff when to place cheese on top or when to dress a burger.

The Miso AI software also enables Flippy to switch from using a spatula for raw meat and one for cooked meat. In addition, Flippy has the ability to clean spatulas while cooking and to wipe the surface of the grill with a scraper.

kitchen assistant:

  • trained to handle the restaurant’s menu
  • trained to handle today’s commercial kitchens
  • handles robotic motion, safety, and scheduling

food service:

  • sees in 3D, thermal + computer vision
  • recognizes and manages items in real-time
  • manages food service at the point-of-sale


  • learns and upgrades skills
  • monitors live remote food service
  • alerts and reports
  • prevents + responds

video 1. | Miso Robotics
Flippy the kitchen assistant robot: part a

video 2. | Miso Robotics
Flippy the kitchen assistant robot: part b

video 3. | Miso Robotics
The future of food starts here.

video 4. | Miso Robotics
Flippy’s point-of-view.

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image | below
Photo of a commercial kitchen layout.

— notes —

* OSHA is the Occupational Safety + Health Administration, under the US Department of Labor

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