Raytheon Unveils 2nd Generation Exoskeleton Robotic Suit

September 29, 2010

(Raytheon Company)

Raytheon has unveiled its second-generation exoskeleton (XOS 2), essentially a wearable robotics suit. XOS 2 is lighter, stronger and faster than its predecessor, yet it uses 50 percent less power, and its new design makes it more resistant to the environment.

The wearable robotics suit is being designed to help with the many logistics challenges faced by the military both in and out of theater. Repetitive heavy lifting can lead to injuries, orthopedic injuries in particular. The XOS 2 does the lifting for its operator, reducing both strain and exertion.

It also does the work faster. One operator in an exoskeleton suit can do the work of two to three soldiers. Deploying exoskeletons would allow military personnel to be reassigned to more strategic tasks. The suit is built from a combination of structures, sensors, actuators and controllers, and it is powered by high pressure hydraulics.

“With the popularity of the Iron Man movies, people wonder if I feel like Iron Man when I suit up,” said Rex Jameson, Raytheon Sarcos Test Engineer for XOS 2. “I usually tell them that I can’t speak for Tony Stark, but when I’m in the suit I feel like me, only a faster, stronger version of me.”

Representatives from Paramount Home Entertainment, including the actor Clark Gregg (aka Agent Phil Coulson of the Marvel Movie franchise) were in attendance to capture footage of XOS 2 to include in a video that’s being produced to support the release of Iron Man 2 on DVD and Blu ray.

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