Seth Rogen plans FX TV comedy series on the Singularity

August 12, 2016

Seth Rogan in poster for “The Interview” (credit: Columbia Pictures)

Seth Rogen (Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, Superbad) and collaborator Evan Goldberg are writing the script for a pilot for a new “half-hour comedy television series about the Singularity for FX,” Rogen revealed Thursday (August 11) on Nerdist podcast: Seth Rogen Returns (at 55:20 mark), while promoting his latest film, Sausage Party (an animated movie that apparently sets a new world record for f-bombs, based on the trailer).

“Yeah, it’s happening, I just read an article about neural dust,” said host Chris Hardwick.

“Oh, it’s happening, it’s super scary, and we’re trying to make a comedy about it,” said Rogen. “We’ll film that in the next year, basically.”

“Neural dust are, like, small particles, kind of like nano-mites, that work in your systems,” Hardwick said, “and can …” — “wipe out whole civilizations,” Rogen interjected. “But, you know, they always kinda pitch you the good stuff first: it could help your body,” Hardwick added.

(credit: Vanity Fair)

Also mentioned on the podcast: a “prank show [All People Are Famous] next week where the guy we’re pranking thinks he’s responsible for the Singularity … goes nuts, destroying everything. …”