Sony: Emotion-reading games possible in ten years

August 25, 2011

(credit: stock image)

Sony’s executives believe that in ten years’ time, video games will have the ability to read more than just movement on the part of the player, the develop blog reports

“Having a camera being able to study a player’s biometrics and movements [is possible] so perhaps you can play a detective game that decides whether you’re lying due to what it reads from your face,” said Mike Hocking, a senior director at Sony Worldwide Studios. “In ten years’ time I’d like to think we’ll be able to form a map of the player, combining other sorts of sensory data together, from facial expressions to heart rate.

“You can see how, over a period of time, you can form a map of the player and their emotional state, whether they’re sad or happy. Maybe people in their social network can comment on it. The more accurate that map can become, the more we can tailor it to the experience.

“There’s potential of mixing stereoscopic 3D with augmented reality, so you’ll combine the two perhaps on a headset, so you’ll be bringing the real world into the gameplay. That’d be very exciting I think.

“Also I think there’s great potential for driving forward games and education. Games have a tremendous opportunity to educate as well as entertain.”