Robert Scoble: Internet of Things Comes to the Masses


NPR | Marvin Minsky, who pioneered artificial intelligence research, dies at age 88

host Robert Siegel of All Things Considered speaks to Ray Kurzweil

NPR - A1

letters from Ray | My son Ethan Kurzweil debates tech firms + personal privacy

A business news report from C • NBC television show Power Lunch.

privacy - A1

Am I bot or not?

Deconstructing the "uncanny valley"

turk ft

Report by Robert Scoble from CES


‘Aipoly Vision’ AI app opens up the world live for visually impaired

Free iPhone/iPad app is now live on App Store


on stage | Ray Kurzweil talks at the Nobel Prize events

Keynote and panels for the Nobel Week Dialog.

feature | Ray Kurzweil fondly remembers his mentor Marvin Minksy PhD

A fond memorial of Marvin Minsky, PhD by Ray Kurzweil.

featured | An interview on the end of work w. Ray Kurzweil on Radio Open Source

Radio Open Source - The End of Work - one

featured | Creative science fiction themes from television show Fringe

Series on Popular Mechanics magazine explores where fiction meets fact.

legacy clip | Popular rock star Jon Carin w. his Kurzweil Music synthesizers

Grammy Award winning musician demos state of the art keyboards.

legacy | The Age of Intelligent Machines short film and book

Created for a pioneering museum exhibit.

The Age of Intelligent Machines - film - A2

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