legacy clip | Popular rock star Jon Carin w. his Kurzweil Music synthesizers

Grammy Award winning musician demos state of the art keyboards.

legacy | The Age of Intelligent Machines short film and book

Created for a pioneering museum exhibit.

The Age of Intelligent Machines - film - A2

in print | Rolling Stone: When man + machine merge

Ray Kurzweil and the coming tech rapture.

photo - concert - no. 1

Superintelligence vs. superstupidity

Cars, grids, phones, robots … should we regulate the emerging superintelligence?

owl eyes

Why we can trust scientists with the power of new gene-editing technology

Gene editing allows us to eliminate any misspellings, introduce beneficial natural variants, or perhaps cut out or insert new genes (credit: Libertas Academica/Flickr, CC BY-SA)

Why we really should ban autonomous weapons: a response

By Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark & Toby Walsh

President Richard Nixon (seen here during his historical meeting with Chinese leader Mao Zedong) argued that a ban on biological weapons would strengthen U.S. national security (credit: White House Photo Office)

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