The Manhattan Beach Project | top scientists, MDs, entrepreneurs gather to set real guidelines to end aging, disease

March 11, 2010

MaxLife Foundation | The Manhattan Beach Project was a recent conference of leading biomedical scientists, entrepreneurs, and anti-aging doctors held in Manhattan Beach, California on November 13-15, 2009. The goal of the event was to create real timelines and real budgets “designed to completely change the face of aging.” This conference presented an interesting map of current knowledge on why we age, why degnerative illnessness that hasten aging and death occur, and what is being done in current biomedical research labs to halt and ultimately reverse these processes. Speakers from a range of scientific backgrounds explain how aging and age-related diseases can and will be fundamentally stopped — lending real hope to the idea that aging and death are not absolute outcomes for humanity. More information can be found at the Project’s website, below.

The entire conference video collection is now available online.

Video Source: MaxLife Foundation

The Manhattan Beach Project
The Manhattan Beach Project Complete Video Collection on YouTube