The lowest-price, easiest-to-use 3D printer yet

April 16, 2014

The Micro 3D printer (credit: MD3)

If you’re on the edge about deciding to get a 3D printer, this Kickstarter campaign for The Micro, billed as the “first truly consumer 3D printer,” may just push you off it.

It already has for more than 9,000 backers, who have pledged an impressive $2.7 million since April 7 — far exceeding the $50,000 goal.

For a pledge of $299, you get the pre-assembled printer (in February 2015 — ships in August 2014 to early backers) with software, instruction manual, and one filament spool. Nearest competition: MakerBot’s Replicator Mini, at $1,375.

It comes in five colors, promises the lowest power consumption of any available 3D printer, and supports various printing materials.