The Titan Arm helps you lift 40 more pounds

But there no plans to sell it as a product yet.
October 30, 2013

Titan Arm (credit: University of Pennsylvania)

Out of shape and can’t lift something? No prob,  just strap on an external bicep — the Titan Arm, a new invention from a group of engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania.

That’s if it’s ever available commercially (co-inventor Nick McGill told KurzweilAI they’re working on it, no date yet). If so, the Titan Arm will help lift 40 pounds more than you normally can.

It would attach to your right arm with a power motor at its elbow joint. You would also be able to lock the arm into any position with a ratchet brake to hold an object steady.

The invention won its inventors $10,000 in the Cornell Cup for Innovation.