Tim Berners-Lee tells U.K. that its latest snooping bill is ‘destruction of human rights’

April 18, 2012 | Source: The Next Web

Tim Berners-Lee (credit: Paul Clarke/Wikimedia Commons)

The UK government is toying around with the idea of introducing counterterrorism laws that would open up email and social networks to more surveillance.

The proposed bill will allow the GCHQ to monitor all Skype, email, and social media communication, as well as log every website that Britain users visit.

Tim Berners-Lee is calling it “destruction of human rights.”

He didn’t stop there though, raising the point to The Guardian that if the government were to get this heavily involved in our daily lives and interactions, it would have to create a strong independent third-party to monitor the goings on:

The idea that we should routinely record information about people is obviously very dangerous. It means that there will be information around which could be stolen, which can be acquired through corrupt officials or corrupt operators, and [could be] used, for example, to blackmail people in the government or people in the military. We open ourselves out, if we store this information, to it being abused.