Under Armour | Smart garments include embedded sensors and on-board computer for biofeedback

February 26, 2011

Yahoo Sports | At the 2011 scouting combine, about 30 players will be wearing clothing technology that allows coaches and scouts watching the various drills to receive specific technical data about the players. The E-39 compression shirt is fitted with electronic touchpoints that send biofeedback via Bluetooth or to a computer or handheld device, and expands the specific awareness of what the body is doing during the drills.

The technology, adapted from the U.S. Special Forces and NASA through technology partner Zephyr Technologies, could be a breakthrough on both sides of the evaluation spectrum. For example, the touchpoints display not only heart rate, breathing and acceleration, but specific aspects of drills never measured before. The technology reveals horsepower during the 40-yard dash, telling coaches and scouts if the player’s explosiveness matches his speed all the way through the 40-yard run. And the measurement of maximum Gs during a vertical jump indicate the value of a player’s strength training.

Sensor technology could have all kinds of ramifications — imagine helmets reading concussion data, and uniforms that tell coaches when players are starting to get gassed (perhaps falling below a specific target rate in a certain category) near the end of a game.

About Zephyr Technologies | Zephyr’s mission is to measure life anywhere. The Bio Harness™ measures critical vital signs (ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature ) and contextualizes the information with the individual’s physical activity using an accelerometer (activity and posture). Smart Fabric sensors are comfortable to wear and available in strap or clothing form. Radio interfaces such as smart phones and tactical radios transmit the data to those who care and need to make critical decisions based on an individual’s physiological status. OmniSense™ software presents the data for the user and display on Smartphones, PCs or a web portal. Zephyr sells complete systems or integrates into other solutions.

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