The Manhattan Beach Project | top scientists, MDs, entrepreneurs gather to set real guidelines to end aging, disease

biotech in yellow gear

Video Source: MaxLife Foundation

The Manhattan Beach Project
The Manhattan Beach Project Complete Video Collection on YouTube

Moon is shrinking according to NASA scientists

Video Source: euronews

Amber Case: We are all cyborgs now

Video Source: TED

TED | Amber Case: cyborg anthropologist

IBM Social Media | System of systems

IBM system of systems

Video Source: IBM Social Media

IBM Think
IBM Smarter Planet
IBM Social Media YouTube channel

New project ‘’ for sentence-level annotation of the Web

Hypothesis app screenshot

Video Source:

University of Texas | Mirage invisibility effect using transparent carbon nanotube sheets

nanotechnology mirage invisibility

LightGuide: projected visualizations for hand movement guidance


Video Source: Microsoft Research

LightGuide: projected visualizations for hand movement guidance

Gesture-based robot control


Video Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL BioSleeve Enables Precise Robot Control Through Hand and Arm Gestures

Wii remote-controlled robot percussion

Video Source: Popular Science

Jazari Music

Virtusphere full body immersion virtual reality

Video Source: Virtusphere

Virtusphere, Inc.

University of Arizona | 3-D moving images possible with new hologram technology

Video Source: The University of Arizona

University of Arizona YouTube channel
University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences

Under Armour | Smart garments include embedded sensors and on-board computer for biofeedback

Under Armour shirt

Video Source: Under Armour

Under Armour YouTube channel
Zephyr Technologies

Stefan Eckert | The world’s first 3-D holographic fashion show

The world's first 3-D holographic fashion show

TED Talks: How Technology’s Accelerating Power Will Transform Us

Video Source:

Highlights of Honda at Sundance and ASIMO’s (robot) Film Festival Debut

Video Source: Honda

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