Macrowikinomics murmuration: swarming, dynamic self-organization

Video Source: Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott Group official youtube channel
Don Tapscott official website

YouTube Leanback | New feature turns your videos feed into a virtual TV

YouTube leanback

Video Source: YouTube

Albino Black Sheep | Animator versus animation

Animator vs Animation by Alan Becker

Video Source: Albino Black Sheep (Alan Becker)

Matrix-like fly-through shows brain in amazing detail


Video Source: New Scientist

Matrix-like fly-through shows brain in amazing detail

Short Film World Builder

Video Source: Branit|FX

Branit|FX website
405 short film by Bruce Branit & Jeremy Hunt

Bicycles of tomorrow

Video Source: The Orange County Register

The OC Register | "Shimano peddles new bike"

Virtual heart may hold key to better treatment

Video Source: Euronews Futuris

Euronews Futuris on YouTube

Microsoft Surface | Experience User Interface (XUI) concept video: Work

Video Source: Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface official YouTube channel

Nova | Making Stuff with David Pogue: materials science super stories — stronger stuff

Video Source: Nova

BBC | Microsoft-Samsung house of the future in South Korea from documentary Upgrade Me

Microsoft-Samsung house of the future in South Korea from documentary "Upgrade Me"

Wake Forest University | Organ manufacturing

printing human ear

Video Source: NTD / TED / The Methuselah Foundation / University of Minnesota / Joseph Mercola, D.O.

Robotiq robot hand


Video Source: IEEE Spectrum

Paragon Space Development | Google’s Alan Eustace breaks world record for near space jump

Paragon Space Development Corporation - Alan Eustace jump - promo - 4

Anthony Atala, M.D., discusses tissue engineering at TEDMED 2009

Video Source: TEDMED

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Anthony Atala, MD, Professor and Director

Honda short film Mobility 2088

Video Source: Honda

Honda YouTube Channel

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