Bionic legs give new hope

Video Source: euronews

Scientists grow new heart

Video Source: Associated Press

University of Minnesota News: “Researchers create a new heart in the lab”

Nuance hosts ‘The Amazing Race’ — text messaging and speech recognition competition, pits man against machine

Video Source: Medialink / Nuance


ABC | Experiment shows brain function improves with exercise

glowing purple brain

Carl Schoonover: How to look inside the brain


Video Source: TED

Carl Schoonover: How to look inside the brain

test video | A

“New York Nearest Subway” augmented reality iPhone 3GS app by acrossair

Video Source: acrossair

Abracadabra: wireless, high-precision finger input for very small mobile devices

Video Source: Carnegie Mellon: Human-Computer Interaction Institute & Microsoft

Chris Harrison's website & Abracadabra project details
Carnegie Mellon: Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Google Instant launch

Video Source: Google

Google Instant

Keynote: Don Tapscott – Zeitgeist Europe 2010

Video Source: Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott's official website

Concept cars of the future

Video Source: ipodwheels YouTube channel

LA Auto Show

Intuitive Surgical | The da Vinci® Surgical Robot

da Vinci surgical system

Video Source: Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical

MovieReshape software

Video Source: Max Planck Institute for Informatics

MovieReShape softwareMovieReShape software

Nova | Making Stuff with David Pogue: materials science super stories — smaller stuff

Video Source: Nova

Microsoft Research & Carnegie Mellon University | OmniTouch wearable projection system makes any surface interactive

OmniTouch hand

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