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Microsoft | Origami Project prototype

October 28, 2010

Microsoft Origami

Japanese robot pop star

October 24, 2010

Video Source: Digital Content Expo 2010, Japan’s AIST

AIST Intelligent Systems Group: Humanoid Robotics Group
Digital Content Expo 2010
Japanese Body Dimension Database 1997-1998: anthropomorphic test dummy project
TOPIO android
ASIMO android

Apple’s 1980s Knowledge Navigator concept videos foresaw the iPad, multitouch, Internet, Google, speech recognition, e-books

October 22, 2010

Video Source: Apple Inc.

Water droplet bouncing on a superhydrophobic carbon nanotube array

October 18, 2010

Video Source: ThoughtWare.TV

MovieReshape software

October 14, 2010

Video Source: Max Planck Institute for Informatics

MovieReShape softwareMovieReShape software

Virtual heart may hold key to better treatment

October 13, 2010

Video Source: Euronews Futuris

Euronews Futuris on YouTube

Japanese scientists create new humanoid walking robot

September 28, 2010

Video Source: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

The HRP-4C humanoid robot

Titan the Robot performing at the Dubai Gitex 2009

September 28, 2010

Video Source: Cyberstein Robots Ltd.

Titan the Robot website


September 18, 2010

Future cities

September 10, 2010

Video Source: euronews

EU project looks to make the roads safer

September 10, 2010

Video Source: Euronews

Robots: man’s new best friend?

September 10, 2010

Video Source: euronews

MUSIC to your mobile’s ears

September 10, 2010

Video Source: euronews

Multiple hopes for multiple sclerosis

September 10, 2010

Video Source: euronews

Google Instant launch

September 9, 2010

Video Source: Google

Google Instant

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