“The Pusher” by Keiichi Matsuda

Video Source: Vimeo / Keiichi Matsuda

GE Healthcare’s Vscan, pocket-size ultrasound

Video Source: GE Healthcare

GE Heathcare: Vscan
GE's "Healthymagination" campaign
Press Release | GE Healthcare Introduces Vscan™ Pocket-sized Visualization Tool for Point-of-care Imaging

Tour of The Daily, the world’s first iPad-only news app in the U.S.

Video Source: The Daily Holdings, Inc.

The Daily official website
The Daily app for iPad

Microsoft Office Labs | Prescient ‘Banking Future Vision’ pervasive information technology concept video from 2005

banking future vision

Video Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Office Labs

Backyard Brains | Affordable neuroscience kits for students of all ages

Affordable neuroscience kits for students of all ages

In robot football, the quarterback has a battery pack


Video Source: Wired

In Robot Football, the Quarterback Has a Battery Pack

Evolution of the City by BestReviews

evolution of the city ft

Video Source: BestReviews

Gallery | Visions of the Future: art from the second Golden Age of science fiction

Video Source: xxnightopsxx

iPad magic sub:E

Smart clothing, embedded electronics

Video Source: EuroNews, Futuris

DigInfo | Japan’s University of Electro-Communications demonstrates ‘remote kissing device’ prototype

remote kiss

Video Source: DigInfo | The Unviersity of Electro-Communications

The Unviersity of Electro-Communications
DigInfo TV

PARC | Power of 10 series — ‘Innovation: chasms and velocities’ with renowned innovation expert Geoffrey Moore

PARC Power of 10 series

What is the Higgs boson? John Ellis, theoretical physicist


Video Source: CERN


Leap Motion | Introducing the Leap


Video Source: Leap Motion

GestureTek’s GestureFX®

Video Source: GestureTek

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