Meet the robots

Video Source: euronews

Intel CTO Justin Rattner on Intel and the Singularity

Video Source: MemeBox/FutureBlogger

FutureBlogger: "Intel CTO Rattner: Wireless Power Likely to Produce Devices That Run Infinitely"

IBM Labs | Stream computing: massive pattern recognition at 200+ times/second


Video Source: IBM Labs

IBM Labs YouTube Channel

World Records Academy | Purdue team set new world record for Rube Goldberg machine

Purdue Rube Goldberg machine


Video Source: Vimeo / Bonnier R&D

The Bonnier Group
Bonnier Mag+ Prototype

Dynamically Changeable Physical Buttons

Video Source: Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison's website & Pneumatic Displays project details

Colorado State University develops artificial tissue for training

Video Source: Colorado State University

Colorado State University YouTube channel

Microsoft Office Labs | Prescient Microsoft ‘Manufacturing Future Vision’ smart environment concept video from 2006

manufacturing future vision

Video Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Office Labs

University of Georgia | Scientists develop ‘super’ yeast to turn pine trees into ethanol for biofuels

pine ethanol

Video Source: University of Georgia

Peter Norvig: The 100,000-student classroom


Video Source: TED

Dreamworks | The Fifth Estate film trailer

The Fifth Estate movie take

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