Colorado State University biologist rewires plants to detect pollutants, explosives

Video Source: Colorado State University

Colorado State University YouTube channel

Microsoft Office Labs | Prescient Microsoft ‘Retail Future Vision’ augmented reality concept video from 2004

retail future vision

Video Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Office Labs

Google Zeitgeist | Young Minds competition winner hacks Kinect to help blind navigate


American Museum of Natural History | Beyond Earth: The future of space exploration

AMNH Beyond Planet Earth logo

Nanoparticles self-assemble into larger structures in real time


Video Source: Argonne National Laboratory

Scientists see nanoparticles form larger structures in real time

** films ** Roco Films | Life 2.0 virtual world, new reality

Life 2.0 - promo - 2

Interview with Syd Mead, famed futurist artist who designed the world of Blade Runner by bbtv

Video Source: bbtv

Syd Mead official website
bbtv website
bbtv YouTube channel
Syd Mead documentary film

Cedars Sinai Heart Institute pioneers heart stem cell procedure

Video Source: CBS

Article | CBS News: "Fixing The Heart With Stem Cells"
Cedars Sinai Heart Institute
Video | CBS News: "Heart stem cells show promise"

Apple’s 1980s Knowledge Navigator concept videos foresaw the iPad, multitouch, Internet, Google, speech recognition, e-books

Video Source: Apple Inc.

Gapminder | Professor Hans Rosling presents:200 years that changed the world visualized with Gapminder

Gapminder image

Video Source: Hans Rosling, Gapminder

Gapcast YouTube channel

The Economist | 2011 Innovation Awards winners

2011 Innovation Awards winners

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