Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth


Video Source: Sid Meier’s Civilization

Microsoft | Windows Phone digital assistant Cortana, based on popular smart AI character from Halo video game

Microsoft Windows Phone with Cortana screen

TED | Edward Snowden speaks at TED 2014 via telepresence robot about electronic spying

TED 2014 Edward Snowden with Vancouver skyline thumbnail

Wolfram Research | A personal introduction to Wolfram Language by Stephen Wolfram, PhD

Wolfram Language graphic in orange

Meta | Planets and 3D printing technical demonstration

Meta true 3D display thumbnail

Video Source: Meta – SpaceGlasses

Google | Google Science Fair 2014 launch with Ray Kurzweil

Google Science Fair petri dish logo

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab | Printable desktop robots

MIT CSAIL printable desktop robot

NBC | Her wins 71st annual Golden Globe award for best screenplay for motion picture

Her wins 71st annual Golden Globe award Spike Jonze on stage

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