Virtual Reality 20/20

September 26, 2016


Today’s consumer has an insatiable appetite for new technology experiences. That trend bodes very well for virtual and augmented reality, which many leading analysts are surmising will become the next mega tech trend. VR/AR technology and its content, application and services has the potential to disrupt the market just as televisions, personal computers and smartphones did beforehand

During NYC Television & Video Week, VR/AR media executives, technology pioneers, investors and creative minds will converge to share inner secrets of the industry.

A one-day-only showcase on Monday, October 17th.


Virtual Reality 20/20 is the must-attend event for film/television/digital content/gaming industry executives, consumer electronics companies, VCs/angel investors, retailers, publishers, news outlets, sports franchises, advertising agencies, brands, social media channels, educators and other business leaders.


  • Meet some of the VR/AR industry’s top executives and most innovative creators
  • Gain insight into emerging trends in hardware, content development, distribution and retail
  • Connect with potential funding, content and distribution partners
  • Explore many different types of VR/AR devices and content with hands-on demonstrations
  • Participate in interactive discussions around ways to monetize VR/AR content
  • Learn best practices around VR filming techniques
  • Uncover surprising ways that VR/AR is disrupting businesses across the nation
  • Generate visibility for your VR/AR device or creative project

—Event Producer