White House announces ‘We the Geeks: Asteroids’ Google Hangout Friday

May 29, 2013

Asteroid (credit: NEAR Project, NLR, JHUAPL, Goddard SVS, NASA/Wikimedia Commons)

This Friday, an asteroid nearly three kilometers wide is going to pass by the Earth-Moon system.

To mark the event, on Friday, May 31st at 2pm EDT, the White House will host the second in a series of “We the Geeks” Google+ Hangouts to talk asteroids with experts, according to a White House annoncement.

The President’s new budget calls for increased efforts by NASA to detect and mitigate potentially hazardous asteroids, and NASA is studying a robotic mission to capture and bring a small asteroid into a stable orbit just beyond the Moon. Those efforts could eventually lead to a crewed mission to rendezvous with and return samples from the redirected asteroid.

Participants in the hangout on the White House Google+ page:

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