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Singularity University Blog | Singularity University kicks off first executive program tomorrow

November 5, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Nov 5, 2009 | Singularity University staff

After a great inaugural Graduate Studies Program this summer, SU is readying to welcome the first Executive Program class on Friday. SU chancellor Ray Kurzweil will set the stage for the program in his opening keynote tomorrow evening. With world-class faculty, a inter-disciplinary, 9-day curriculum, and a few special guests including author Jonathan Zittrain, we believe the Executive Program is set to create a new

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Singularity University Blog | Press Release: 2010 Graduate program announced, applications accepted through march 15

February 22, 2010
Ray Kurzweil during a GSP-09 Session

Source: Singularity University Blog — Feb 22, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Singularity University (SU) announced the dates for the second year of its Graduate Studies Program (GSP), and a 200% class size increase to accommodate 80 of the top students from around the globe. In addition, SU is pleased to announce the availability of numerous full and partial scholarships for the GSP.

“The past year has demonstrated tremendous global challenges, and

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Singularity University Blog | Singularity University – successful first week

July 7, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Jul 7, 2009 | Singularity University staff

Dear SU Associate Founders, Faculty, Students and Friends -

We’ve just completed our first week of Singularity University and I have to say that I’m extremely pleased and proud of what we have created. It is real, off and running, and here to stay.

From the Student perspective, we have pulled together an incredible group of brilliant and dedicated graduate students who are all entrepreneurs, driven and passionate about taking on the world’s grand challenges. When we selected our students based upon the criteria of academic excellence, demonstrated entrepreneurship and big-picture thinking, we did not know we’d be attracting fun, high-spirited and good natured individuals as well. I’m pleased the traits matched-up!… read more

Singularity University Blog | BusinessWeek: “Singularity University gives execs a view of the future”

November 24, 2009
Business Week

Source: Singularity University Blog — Nov 24, 2009 | Singularity University staff

by E. B. Boyd

In his various roles as a computer programmer, an emergency-medicine physician, and the director of Microsoft Medical Media Lab, Michael Gillam stays well ahead of the advances that are transforming health care. Yet even he can be caught unawares by the pace of technological change.

Gillam was reminded of this recently during a nine-day boot camp aimed at instructing professionals on

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Singularity University Blog | Women @ the frontier of innovation and entrepreneurship

November 8, 2010

SU women frontier

Source: Singularity University Blog — Nov 8, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Bringing together a diverse group of innovators and entrepreneurs, from different backgrounds and industries, is key to Singularity University’s vision for changing the world. To that end, SU recently hosted Women @ the Frontier, the first in a series of forums featuring top women entrepreneurs, humanitarians, innovators, scientists and techies creating positive change around the globe.

Led by SU Founding Architect Susan Fonseca-Klein and moderated by… read more

Singularity University Blog | Singularity University Cafe blends science, technology at Maker Faire 2010

May 20, 2010

Source: Singularity University Blog — May 20, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Maker Faire Attendees Can Win a $15,000 Seat at an Upcoming Singularity University Exponential Technologies Executive Program. How would you positively impact a billion people within ten years? How would you use science and technology to address grand challenges such as water, healthcare, and education? Singularity University invites you to visit the “Singularity University Café” at this weekend’s Maker Faire to learn about these grand challenges, and hear how new… read more

Singularity University Blog | 5 tips to winning a hack-a-thon competition

August 7, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Aug 7, 2009 | Singularity University staff

On July 31st, a group of Singularity University students and I decided to attend iPhoneDevCamp at Yahoo HQ – for an impromptu field trip. Our goal: to gain first-hand experience of the rapid pace of innovation in Silicon Valley. And maybe build a cool app to enter into the hack-a-thon competition. The result was an app called “Gettaround” (

20,000 lines of code, 2 days, and just 4 hrs of sleep later, our app won the “Best Money Making App” category (sponsored by Mobclix) in the hack-a-thon. Here is a short clip of our presentation for the judges:… read more

Singularity University Blog | Sam Zaid on the intelligent transportation grid

January 15, 2010

Source: Singularity University Blog — Jan 15, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Sam Zaid was a student at Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Prgram 2009 (GSP-09), representing a GSP Team Project focused on the future of personal transportation.

Gettaround, Inc. creates peer-to-peer car sharing today to contribute to a more intelligent transportation grid in the future, reducing health and environmental damages that exist today.


Special message from Peter Diamandis & Ray Kurzweil | New book Abundance, and special offers to KurzweilAI readers

January 30, 2012

Abundance book cover large

In the forthcoming book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, Peter H. Diamandis (chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation and cofounder and chairman of Singularity University) and award-winning science writer Steven Kotler give us an extensive tour of the latest in exponentially growing technologies and explore how four emerging forces — exponential technologies, the DIY innovator, the Technophilanthropist, and the Rising… read more

Singularity University Blog | A milestone — curriculum planning

March 27, 2009

SU logo

Source: Singularity University Blog — Mar 27, 2009 | Singularity University staff

Seven short weeks ago, we announced Singularity University at TED2009.

The launch was extremely well covered — we were on the front page of the Financial Times globally and there were several hundred original stories about it all over the world. Ray was on Fox news and Wolf Blitzer had us over to CNN’s LA studios. And it hasn’t stopped… read more

Singularity University Blog | WIRED: “Singularity University day 1: Infinite, all directions”

November 9, 2009
Singularity University

Source: Singularity University Blog — Nov 9, 2009 | Singularity University staff

Wired Senior Editor Ted Greenwald is embedded with Singularity University’s inaugural 10-day Executive Program. Follow his coverage of the entire program at Ted is also Tweeting using #singularityu.

See Ted’s full post at

A security guard checks my driver’s license as I drive into the entrance to Moffet Field, a disused naval airbase that hosts the nascent Singularity University. Night

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Singularity University Blog | Marthin De Beer – Driving innovation at Cisco

February 23, 2010

Source: Singularity University Blog — Feb 23, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Marthin De Beer, Senior Vice President, Emerging Technologies Group at Cisco, speaks about his process for going from idea to billion dollar business. Filmed during the 2009 Graduate Summer Program at Singularity University.

Singularity University Blog | MarketWatch: Google-backed school preps for ‘disruption’

July 8, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Jul 8, 2009 | Singularity University staff

By John Letzing, MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. (MarketWatch) – Investing during a recession is often touted as wise. Investing in classes loosely based on the science fiction-like notion of technology outsmarting its human creators may strike some as a curious approach to the concept, however.

Nevertheless, school officials say more than 1,200 applications were submitted for 40 inaugural spots at the recently-opened Singularity University, housed in an unassuming building at… read more

Singularity University Blog | Ralph Merkle on the future of nanotechnology

December 1, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Dec 1, 2009 | Singularity University staff

Nanotechnology pioneer Ralph Merkle discusses the future of the field with Salim Ismail, Executive Director of Singularity University. Filmed following Dr. Merkle’s talks at Singularity University’s inaugural Executive Program.

Singularity University Blog | Nokia supports Singularity University as 5th corporate founder

November 10, 2010

Source: Singularity University Blog — Nov 10, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Support Focused on New Approaches to Technological Innovation, Sustainable Development

Nokia has joined Singularity Univeristy as a Corporate Founder. The collaboration will leverage Nokia’s commitment to global communications innovation and sustainability by supporting Singularity University’s programs, and Ten to the Ninth Plus (10^9+) Team Projects focused on solving key global issues. Nokia joins Google, Autodesk, ePlanet Ventures, and the Kauffmanread more

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