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Alzheimer’s Vaccine Clears Plaque But Has Little Effect On Learning And Memory Impairment

April 7, 2008

A promising vaccine being tested for Alzheimer’s disease that clears beta-amyloid plaques from the brain does not seem to help restore lost learning and memory abilities, according to a new study by University of California at Irvine researchers.

The results suggest that treating plaques by themselves may have limited clinical benefit if started after significant plaque growth, so Alzheimer’s disease therapies must also target related neuron damage and cognitive… read more

Alzheimer’s: Beyond Stem Cells

June 25, 2004

Embryonic stem cells aren’t the most promising source to find treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers say. Other possibilities, such as treating buildups of protein in the brain, will likely reap rewards faster.

Alzheimer’s researchers creating ‘designer tracker’ to quantify elusive brain protein, provide earlier diagnosis

April 26, 2013

Dual channel fluoresecence microscopy of Alzheimer’s disease brain reveals presence of extracellular Abeta- (red) and intracellular tau- (green) bearing lesions.  Figure courtesy of Kristen E Funk, PhD.

By using computer-aided drug discovery, an Ohio State University molecular biochemist and molecular imaging chemist are collaborating to create an imaging chemical that attaches predominantly to tau-bearing lesions in living brain.

Their hope is that the “designer” tracer will open the door for earlier diagnosis — and better treatments for Alzheimer’s, frontal temporal dementia and traumatic brain injuries like those suffered by professional athletes, all… read more

AMARSi project could see robots learn from co-workers

March 15, 2010

If successful, the four-year, 7 million euro, EU-funded AMARSi (Adaptive Modular Architecture for Rich Motor Skills) project (which started this month) will enable humanoid (and quadruped) bots to autonomously learn and develop motor skills in open-ended environments in the same way humans do — by learning from the data provided by movement and essentially rewiring their circuits to process and store the new knowledge they’ve acquired.

AMAT tools up really big solar panels

May 16, 2007

Signet is aiming its panels at larger scale solar installations: about 20MW of panels to be made in 2008, growing to 60MW or so once capacity has fully ramped.

Currently, solar panels are in the $8-9/W range installed. Signet hopes to bring that down to $3/W by 2010. The goal is to have $1.25/W panels when production starts in 2008, and drop that to sub-$1 by 2010.

Their… read more

Amazing 18-Foot Wide Super-HD Multi-User Multitouch Display

September 14, 2009

Obscura Digital’s newest, longest multitouch wall has launched at the Hard Rock in Vegas, using three projectors to handle 100 hi-res images and videos simultaneously in real time.

Amazing Earth video from the Space Station

September 19, 2011

The Earth from the Space Station

Science educator James Drake built this amazing timelapse video from the perspective of the International Space Station as it flew over North and South America, created it by downloading a series of 600 photographs, Universe Today reports.

Amazing medical advances heal wounded troops

September 18, 2012


Scientists are growing ears, bone and skin in the lab, and doctors are planning more face transplants and other extreme plastic surgeries. Around the country, the most advanced medical tools that exist are now being deployed to help America’s newest veterans and wounded troops, Huffington Post reports.

In Los Angeles, surgeons used part of Michael Mills’ forehead to rebuild his nose after a bomb disfigured him in… read more

Amazingly realistic digital screen characters are finally here

March 21, 2013


Meet Zoe: a digital talking head. She can express a range of human emotions on demand with “unprecedented realism” and could herald a new era of human-computer interaction, according to researchers at Toshiba’s Cambridge Research Lab and the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, who created her.

Zoe, or her offspring, could be used as a visible version of Siri, as… read more

Amazon Auctions Cloud Computation

December 28, 2009

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)gives customers the chance to bid on unused computing capacity to save money on low-priority work that can be deferred until computing demand and price are low.

Amazon avoids Apple toll with Kindle Cloud Reader

August 15, 2011


Amazon has embraced Web apps as a way around Apple’s App Store subscription rules. The company has introduced Kindle Cloud Reader, an HTML5-based ebook reading app that provides access to Kindle content in the cloud and to Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Apple takes a 30% cut of sales made through its in-app purchasing system, as it does for App Store downloads. Amazon, which competes with Apple to sell ebooks,… read more

Amazon creates artificial artificial intelligence

November 7, 2005 has launched a new program called Amazon Mechanical Turk, through which a computer can ask humans to perform tasks that it can’t do itself, such as identifying objects in photographs.

Amazon developing Kindle tools to aid the blind

December 8, 2009

Amazon is developing extra large fonts for the Kindle, along with an audio-based menu navigation system that will help visually impaired users reach the Kindle’s integrated read-aloud feature.

Amazon goes Hollywood with new online movie studio

November 18, 2010 is getting into the movie business by opening Amazon Studios, with the goal of using the Internet to put fresh movies on the big screen.

The new Internet movie studio will allow writers to upload screenplays to its website, where the global Internet audience can read them and offer feedback, or producers/directors can use them to make test movies. The test movies, which must be at… read more

Amazon hopes to deliver packages via drones within 5 years

December 1, 2013

(Credit: Amazon)

Amazon hopes to use autonomous octocopter drones to deliver small packages to customers within 30 minutes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Sunday in a 60 Minutes interview with Charlie Rose.

Amazon says putting the new Amazon Prime Air service into commercial use “will take some number of years as we advance the technology and wait for the… read more

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