Ray Kurzweil in the Press

A collection of both current and archived Ray Kurzweil press, radio and television interviews and appearances.

Magazine and newspaper articles on science and tech breakthroughs, controversies, and predictions – explored through the lens of leading journalists in discussions with Kurzweil and colleagues – and videos of Ray Kurzweil's TV interviews and public speaking.

Financial Times | Breakfast with the Financial Times: Ray Kurzweil

Over a specially prepared breakfast, the inventor + futurist details his plans to live forever.

press - Financial Times - A3

Financial Times — April 10, 2015 | Caroline Daniel

Futurism | Ray Kurzweil claims singularity will happen by 2045

Futurism - A2

Futurism — March 14, 2017 | Dom Galeon & Christianna Reedy

The Verge | People are asking futurists if humans will one day swim as fast as sharks

The Verge - A1

The Verge — March 13, 2017 | Nick Statt

MIT Tech Review | An immersion course in exponential thinking at Singularity University lures executives wary of disruption

MIT Tech Review - F1

MIT Tech Review — January 27, 2017 | Tom Simonite

Huffington Post | Self-driving cars are the future

The Huffington Post - A1

Huffington Post — January 3, 2017 | Rachel Wolfson

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